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If you have a happy ending to contribute, please email us, so we can post it. Stories like these give people hope and often sheer dogged persistence is what it takes to recover a lost pet. Do not give up too soon!

Most of these stories are quotes from people's emails...

After a whole year under a porch, cat is reunited with family

"I forgot my password so I cannot get into the system to report this cat returned, but I want you to know you have made this possible. About one year ago, a long haired cat took shelter under my porch. The date I posted my found report was 9/20/08, after a friend told me about Pet FBI.  and I reported him as having been found on 9/25/07 in Powell, Delaware County. 

A woman and her son saw my report on your site and came to look at him. They said it was the guy they had rescued two years ago. At first, he wouldn't come to them when they called. He had spent the entire year under my porch. I did my best to feed and care for him, but he wouldn't come to me either. At one time he was severely injured (by a dog most likely) and I wasn't sure he would recover, but he did. I put antibiotics in his food. In the summer I put de-worming and flea medicine in his food. The people never gave up, coming in the evenings to bring him sardines and talk to him. Last week he came out from under the porch and followed the man home. He says the little guy is happy and well and putting on weight."

Cat reunited after eight months!

"Today a little black cat I found six weeks ago was returned to his owner. She had lost him eight months ago (January) due to her family letting him out when she was at work because he had stomach problems. 

He was in such bad shape when I found him. He was terribly dehydrated and thin and just ate, drank and slept. After five weeks he turned the corner and started racing around and chattering. Completely different personality, so I thought he must have been lost a long time ago… so… I went all the way back to lost pets since last September and searched some more. The mistake I made at first was only searching on lost pets May thru July. I took all of your great advice you give on this site and was very careful about finding his owner. Also, he was lost on the West side and I found him on the North side of Columbus.

The kitty's owner had even loaded a video of him onto utube so I could see his personality. At least she has him back now and some closure. I however am a little sad to see him go".

Kitty traced to guardian after four months under a porch
"I found the owner by getting on the Franklin County property tax website. I got the names of property owners in our vicinity. Then I looked up their phone numbers and began calling a few per day. We did not feel any pressure to find the owner. We continued to care for the kitty and it seemed happy living under our deck. We bought it a bowl and actually gave it a name. It is so sweet and timid, we knew someone was missing it. Yesterday, I called a number and the lady hesitated and asked how big the cat was. She told me that her gray kitten had gotten away when they were on vacation in November. After searching, they assumed it had been
hit by a car. They live on a busy country road. Of course, it is a big cat now. She told me her cat had a little white spot on it's chest and between it's front legs, just like ours. She had just had a medical procedure done and was afraid to drive over here so I emailed a picture to her. She called right back and said it was her kitty and she drove over anyway. We had never been able to pick the cat up but she sat down on the ground and it climbed up on her lap and turned over for a belly rub."  Donna

Golden Retriever back home after eight months!
Sometime in June, Man and his female companion, Spider, ran off. Spider came back three days later with buckshot wounds. Man's family was in despair but Man's Mom never gave up hoping and kept checking the PET FBI's Found Reports for golden retrievers. It was a long shot, but when Tami Shearer, a Columbus veterinarian posted a report for a golden retriever she rescued about thirty miles from Man's home, the family contacted Dr. Shearer and went to see. After Eight months on the streets, Man was much thinner, had lost three toes, and had other injuries that had healed, but it was Man!

This amazing story was featured on Columbus' Channel 6 and on Fox TV on January 30th.
Midnight the Cat reunited with family five
months after they move to New Jersey.

When a black cat turned up on Sharon's doorstep in Worthington, she did all she could to find its family. She contacted the shelters, posted notices, and put up a report on the PET FBI site. She had just about given up the search, when she received a call from a man in New Jersey. He had lost a cat in Reynoldsburg five months earlier. After relocating to New Jersey, he had pretty much given up hope of recovering Midnight, but, on a whim, he checked the PET FBI database. Sharon's report seemed to describe some of Midnight's characteristics, so he sent her a photograph and they exchanged emails, and a few weeks later, he drove the 500 miles to Columbus and ID'd Midnight! It is still a mystery how Midnight ended up in Worthington after wandering away from home in Reynoldsburg. If only they could talk.....
The Happy Homecoming of Chloe the Akita
You may have seen, way back in March, a TV spot with Gary Somerset on Channel 6 about PET FBI. They interviewed a couple from Dublin whose five-year old Akita had run off two months before. They were heartbroken and desperate to have her back and had posted a report on our web site. Recently, they gave up hope and acquired a Great Pyrenees.

Meanwhile, sometime in March, over near 161 and Cleveland Avenue, a kindly couple found an Akita and were taking good care of her: they had a vet check her out; they bought her tags, and they were taking her on walks four times a day. Just a few days ago, however, they gave her to a friend for safekeeping because there is a new baby in the house. The mother-in-law, just bought a computer and got online. She went to PET FBI and found this very old report about the Akita lost 8 months ago. It sounded like the dog they found. She contacted the people who posted the lost report and they were able to describe very accurately the dog's special characteristics.

Now, after eight months, Chloe is back home with her original family!
Car-chasing Lakeland Terrier home in two days thanks to PET FBIREAD MORE.
Beatrice back after a week on the streets.
Learn about her behavior once back home. READ MORE
Opus Back Home! Missing over three months!
June 1st, that was the last time Lori saw the family feline, Opus. She tried everything to find him. When she heard about PET FBI, she submitted a report. She was so impressed with the service that she became a volunteer. She kept monitoring the database for matches, but no Opus. She was starting to lose hope, although one thing she learned as a volunteer for PET FBI is that cats often show up weeks and months after they are lost. Then, just after Labor Day, good news! Here is her account of how Opus was returned to her.    READ MORE
Kaya turns up in Dumpster!!
"On August 15th I reported on your site that my cat of 13 years, Kaya, had disappeared. We were between houses and had just moved into a temporary apartment when she disappeared. I'm happy to report that today, more than two months later, I found her. This evening I went out to the dumpster which is only a few hundred feet from our apartment, and when I threw a bag into the dumpster out jumped my cat! She's lost a lot of weight but otherwise looks healthy. We are all thrilled to have her back, especially my two and a half year old son. We think that there may have been some "divine intervention" assisting her return. This morning, we attended the funeral of my wife's grandfather, who was 91 years old. It is quite a coincidence that after more than two months of searching this apartment complex, on this particular day I just happened to be at the dumpster the same moment that my cat was there. We like to think that maybe great grandpa was looking out for his great grandson and helped bring our cat back to us".
Jon Levy
TJ  Turns up in Sewer!!
After being missing for 36 hours TJ was found trapped in a sewer.

TJ's Tale As Told By His Happy Human.....
Dear Sandy and everyone at the Pet FBI (especially Mary Jane). Thank you for all of your wonderful help.... I found TJ (my Sweet T) tonight. Not only did your assistance give me focus and hope, but by following your suggestions, I met a number of wonderful neighbors, and my faith in humanity was given a much needed boost.   READ MORE
Precious found after 6 1/2 weeks.
Her name is Precious and I fell in love with her 3 years ago when she was rescued as an orphan at the age of two weeks. I lost her on 9/29/2000. The best advise was to call the PET FBI which I had never heard of before. They encouraged me to keep looking.

This was an especially difficult time for me as my mother was terminally ill from breast cancer and had only a short time left. After six and half weeks caring cat lovers had found a cat in their garage and called the number on her tag (which thankfully she still had on). READ MORE

MacDonald, also known as "MickeyD", is one lucky cat. He was found by a dedicated animal person about 5 miles from home. Something told her to check the vet's bulletin board. If only she had known about PET FBI,  MickeyD would have been spared several weeks in the cold, and Mickey's family would have been spared a lot of grief!  READ MORE.
"Never give up hope" says Bud's  family after he shows up after more than two months. READ MORE
Phoebe had been rescued as a terribly abused and neglected pup. Would her ending be as sad as her beginning? READ MORE