Happy Tails

“Mason” and Thankful Dad: Reunited Thanks to Sighting Report and Quick Action

Mason’s Dad posted his lost dog’s picture to our database and our Pet FBI Ohio Facebook page. Char, our Facebook Ohio Administrator suggested he check the shelter. He let us know he struck out there. Char then posted Mason to our main timeline. Within 20 Lost Dog reunited w tearful Dadminutes “Alma” left a comment that she had just seen the dog at a certain intersection. Char, who somehow manages to stay on top of numerous reports, immediately called Dad to alert him to the sighting. Phone went straight to voice mail. Fortunately Char pursued the matter, texted the sighting tip and got an immediate reply. Mason’s Dad and his wife drove separately to the area to search. About 15 minutes later he texted Char to let her know they had their guy!  Thanks to Alma for her tip and to Char for being persistent and conscientious.


1. Sightings can be important! Please post!
2. If you have a report out on a missing pet try to keep your phone covered at all times. What if texting were not an option? Most people will phone first – it’s fastest and most convenient. In a sighting situation, minutes matter! A dog can travel far and fast in very little time.

“Sammy” – Reunited After Five Years!!!

A miracle reunion! Our good Sam, Thleese, found this sweet pooch and immediately posted to our Pet FBI Ohio Facebook page. She could not keep him so she called the dog warden who came, scanned for a microchip and ….FOUND ONE! Dad could not believe his eyes when he found the notice on his door. Sammy had been missing for five years!

Ironically, “Auntie Diane” shared his found post the same day, not realizing it was her brother’s very own long lost dog. Thanks to Auntie Diane for this great reunion photo.

Lost Dog reunited after 5 years

Sammy and Dad

OBJECT LESSON: Microchips are not fail-safe! People have to be aware that there is such a thing and have a found pet scanned. Obviously someone found Sammy the first time he was lost and has been taking care of him probably not realizing all along that he could have been reunited.


Boston Terrier Swiftly Reunited Despite Microchip Error. Thanks to Facebook’s Pet FBI Ohio Super Sleuths and Astute Administrator!

Reunited Boston Terrier

Another Happy Reunion
Thanks to Pet FBI Ohio Facebook


This 10 year old Boston Terrier named  “ABK” had been missing for about a week when his Dad posted to Facebook/PetFBI Ohio.
Super sleuth Teresa and her niece Cara immediately launched into action researching other sources of information and came up with a match on Craigslist.  However, when the Good Sam “Mindy” was contacted she insisted it could not be the same dog because ABK  was described as having a microchip and the dog she had found did not register a microchip when scanned. Char, our ace Facebook administrator was persistent however, and reasoned that in 10 years, a microchip may have migrated. So the family went to see the dog who had been found and a happy reunion ensued!
1. Utilize all possible sources of information to post and to search
2. Do not discount a possible match because one piece of information does not fit
3. Microchips are not foolproof!

This is Lily – Recovered through Pet FBI Facebook Post

Found dog reunited thru Pet FBI Facebook postThis darling Pomeranian was found in an area of Columbus Ohio known as German Village. This neighborhood has its own Facebook page and they posted to Pet FBI. Lily’s Mom found her by using the Facebook search box and inputting  “Found Pomeranian Columbus”.  And there was the post! This is a great tip. We will add it to our advice page.

So if you need to research lost and found pets in your area, just follow the example above to pinpoint information posted on Facebook quickly! But please note – it is critical to use the precise search terms.

Franco Back Home After Two Months…Another Database Reunion!

Cat Found after two months

Franco: Reunited after two+ months

Franco went missing in June. He slipped away from a cat-sitting friend. Needless to say it was pretty distressing for all concerned.

Fast forward five or six weeks. A Good Sam noticed him. He was so shy she thought he must be feral. Thank God for this Good Sam! She was persistent and after three weeks finally caught him using a humane trap. She took him to a vet to be scanned for a chip. No chip – but the vet told her about the Pet FBI database. He wasn’t in bad shape so she checked the last two months, July and August.  No match. Then she checked June. SCORE!!! He was found only a few blocks from where he went missing.

Object Lesson:
1. You may need to trap in order to catch a stray.
2. Persistence pays!
3. Most cats are found quite close to home.

Jenquah Reunited Thanks to …..(read on!)

This beautiful cocker spaniel, Jenquah, was reunited with this family after just a few days thanks to
1) Ryan, the Good Samaritan who rescued him and fostered him until he could be reunited with his family directly. He posted info about the dog to the Pet FBI Facebook page…

2. Teresa, a Pet FBI “Private Agent” who follows the Pet FBI Ohio Facebook page and cross-posts and cross-checks lost and found reports. It was she who contacted Ryan and urged him to give the complete information required so his post would go from the side bar to the more visible main timeline…

3. Char, our devoted Facebook administrator who spends hours daily vetting posts and seeing that all the posts on our timeline have complete, actionable information…

4. Another “Good Sam,” (whose name, appropriately, IS “Sam”!), the astute and dedicated Franklin County Animal Shelter worker who follows the Pet FBI Facebook page. So when Jenquah’s family came to the shelter to look for him he was able to tell them about the Facebook post. Result: happy ending!

JenquaObject Lesson:  –If you decide to foster a stray while seeking its owner in order to spare the pet the stress and risks attendant in giving the pet over to a shelter, at least leave full information about the pet with the shelters ASAP. Most shelters have a lost and found bulletin board and, after all, the shelter is the obvious place someone who has lost a pet would check.

— When you post to a Facebook page or Craigslist or any other free-form media, including posters, be sure to give complete, actionable information: full description of pet, when lost, where lost specifically and good accurate  information!

BIG NEWS! Pet FBI Lost and Found Pet Database Enhancement

Starting today, August 5, we are instituting a huge new time-saving feature for our database users. We are confident this enhancement will result in many more reunions. From now on, when you submit a lost or found pet report to the Pet FBI database, you will automatically receive information on any new potentially matching reports.

Here’s how it works: Suppose you submit a lost cat report. If a “found cat report” is submitted with a zip code within 100 miles of the zip you used in your report, you will be notified. New Report Alerts will be emailed daily, unless there is nothing new, and they will continue for 90 days from the day you submit your report or until you “unsubscribe”. Here’s a sample:

Found Dogs for 7/29/2015 within 100 miles of Zip Code 43002

Sample New Report Alert

The new reports will not be filtered by sex or color since people so often make mistakes about these characteristics. So you may get some extra information but that is better than missing that one critical report because someone thought your neutered male cat was a female. In any case, the New Report Alerts will be easy to skim and you will be saved the bother of having to do a manual search every day to see if there is anything new.

It will still be possible of course to do a manual search. If your report has not resulted in a reunion after 90 days, you can continue to look and even extend the search radius to 250 miles.

We would love to hear back from you if you have any suggestions about the New Report Alert or about anything else on Pet FBI.
Thanks to Glen, our ace volunteer database programmer who put a lot of work and thought into this!
With best wishes for a happy reunion,
Maresa, Pet FBI Director/Volunteer

How “Talking” Can Attract a Cat Back Home

Cat and Mom

Mia the cat went missing on Saturday. Her distraught Mom turned to the Pet FBI lost and found pet database at PetFBI.org and the Pet FBI Ohio Facebook page. Our devoted Facebook administrator, Char Reidinger, coached her about what to do. Most cats don’t go very far; they are just laying low. Mom was trying all the tricks when finally on Tuesday evening around 9:30 she tried the most unlikely tip. She grabbed her cell phone and sat outside talking. Mia came trotting right over like “Ho-hum…hiya, Mom…”

Click this link for more of Char’s tried and true tips to attract a cat back home.